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Why contact form is needed for mobile app?

In order to be a popular app on the Store like Google Play for Android, App for iOS, it is very important to have an in-app contact form.

Because for ASO (App Store Optimization) that's because the contact form indirectly helps optimize the app for being ranked high in search results as a popular app in the app store.

Specifically, it involves the review mechanism of the store. The higher the star number of reviews, the higher the probability of a new installation. If it's low, users will find another app when they see reviews before they install it, thinks it's not a very good app.

But if the administration doesn't do anything about it, users will keep getting low reviews and less likely to be installed.

It has no problem if it was a review as a proper evaluation, but the content of the review is often terrible. For example, it could be just a bug report, or something terrible could be just "I don't like it." In any case, it often gets a low rating that has nothing to do with the intrinsic value of the app. This kind of review is not suitable as an application review, so we want to avoid to get lower the evaluation of the application by such review.

There is a way to avoid this. Yes, it is to place an contact form in the application.

As for defects and claims, you should not be contacted by a review but should be receive by an inquiry form in the application. By doing so, you can reduce the possibility of low ratings being posted in reviews on the store. You can optimize your store's ratings by having conversations that might have low ratings submitted through an unrelated contact form. (Of course, you all have an In-App-Review mechanism in your app, which is very clear and visible to users. It's also a good idea to place the traffic to the inquiry form in a more obvious position.)

However, the preparation of the contact form can be a bit lazy. The server must be prepared to receive and save contact, as well as to place form screens. We use serverless functions, but it's a bit of a hassle to prepare each project of an app every time.

That's why we have developed our service, Contact Nite. Contact Nite lets you customize your contact form on the Web. You can set up an contact form on a Flutter app with a simple code paste. Even if you create a new application, you can set it up easily.

In addition to simply receiving it, you can view the received contact only on the Web and reply to and receive the contact only on the Web. You don't need to open a mailer and copy and communicate your e-mail address.

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